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We are developing innovative software/systems in the following areas since 1999 :
  • KUEHNCUT Cutting optimization for panels, bars and pipes.
  • KUEHNPAL Palletizing optimization for circular and rectangular packages.
  • WEBOPTOnline optimization, usse our optimization as webservice..
  • Web based software (browser and webserver). We developed a optimization webserver that can be embedded into any system.
  • Low level software for embedded OS, mostly embedded Linux.
  • visual simulations for maschines and robots.
  • Custom systems/software for Windows, Linux, Apple Mac OS X, Android, IOS or any other hardware.
We offer integrated systems:
  • Embedded into any hardware from server/host (ERP) to user touch panel controls.
  • Flexible and customized. We deliver only needed solutions from single desktop, network version, command line tools or webgui or libs.
  • Customized ready to run hardware
For more information: Services, ref projects, history, customer
Contact us for any details.

KUEHNCUT cutting optimization for panels and bars. Our cutting optimization software is easy to use and creates a solution in a few seconds. Request

  • Cutting panels and bars (1D/2D).
  • Cutting circles.
  • Label printing with Barcode or QRCode directly mounted at saw / machine. Supported printer Brother QL or Zebra.
  • Available for Android, Windows, Apple Mac OS X and Linux.
  • Desktop Version (KuehnOpt). Nativ GUI.
  • Network Version / browser based network (WebOpt), no client install.
  • online available,too.
  • Hardware available,too.
  • Samples


  • Export for Panel- and tablesaws.
  • Optimize for one Layout, z. B. for PCB.
  • PCB Optimization.
  • 3D Block Optimization
  • Custom version on demand, OEM version for saws, robots and CNC.

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Solution for 2D panel | Touch or click part# prints label

KUEHNCUT pricelist 160 KB
KUEHNCUT Box/embedded presentation591 KB
KUEHNCUT manual330 KB
KUEHNCUT Android flyer482 KB
KUEHNCUT Android manual478 KB
WebOpt flyer280 KB
WebOpt manual cutting330 KB
WebOpt command line opt223 KB
WebOpt PCB opt 150 KB

KUEHNCUT: Box print solution saw
KUEHNCUT: Box print solution saw

KUEHNCUT: Label print using egdes
KUEHNCUT: Label print using egdes

KUEHNCUT: Label for storage/stock
KUEHNCUT: Label for storage/stock

KUEHNCUT Box: tablesaw with Android Tablet KUEHNCUT V1
KUEHNCUT Box: tablesaw with Android Tablet KUEHNCUT V1

KUEHNCUT Box: vertical saw with Android Tablet KUEHNCUT V2
KUEHNCUT Box: vertical saw with Android Tablet KUEHNCUT V2

KUEHNCUT Box: vertical saw with label printer
KUEHNCUT Box: vertical saw with label printer


  • Palletizing unmixed cylindrical /circle items.
  • Palletizing unmixed parts (rectangle).
  • Palletizing mixed parts in a layer.
  • Available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
  • Single user and netwerk version available.

KUEHNPAL - pallet optimization for packages/parts (rectangle) . request

  • Palletizing unmixed cylindrical /circle items.
  • Palletizing unmixed parts (rectangle) in layers.
  • For Android, Windows, Linux and Apple macOS X.
  • Single user (KuehnOpt). Native GUI.
  • Netwerk version (WebOpt), browser based.
  • Also online available.
  • Custom or OEM versions for robots and CNC-Machines.
  • Also including Hardware
  • 3D simulation palletizing

KUEHNPAL flyer700 KB
KUEHNPAL prices160 KB
WebOpt manual280 KB
WebOpt manual developers223 KB

KUEHNPAL solution 3D pallet
KUEHNPAL solution 3D pallet

KUEHNPAL solution pallet one layer
KUEHNPAL solution pallet one layer

KUEHNPAL SCARA robot with Beckhoff S2000 control
KUEHNPAL SCARA robot with Beckhoff S2000 control

KUEHNPAL SCARA robot with Beckhoff TwinCat
KUEHNPAL SCARA robot with Beckhoff TwinCat


Online Optimization

WebOpt is an internet optimization service. We offer the following optimizations:

  • Panel cutting (2D).
  • Stripe cutting (1D).
  • Circle cutting (unmixed).
  • Palletizing (mixed + unmixed).


  • Use the optimization from any device.
  • No software installation (only Browser and PDF Reader required).
  • Excel Import (Excel 97 Format).
  • ASCII Import.
  • Your are always using our current software.
  • The solutions are sent via email as PDF file.
  • Pay per optimization (see pricelist), monthly or yearly (flatrate).
Start optimizationRegistered customers only.
Start demo

Supported Browser

WebOpt runs on a any internet browser. We are recommending the following browser:

Opera *)min. Version 5Windows, Linux, MacOS X, PDA
Mozilla Firefox *)min. Version 2Windows, Linux, MacOS X
*) The shown trademarks belong to their owners.


Erzeugung von Packmustern im beliebigen Sortenmix aus gegebenen Aufträgen.

  • Liefert die Anzahl der benötigten Paletten eines vollständigen Auftrages.
  • Automatische Erstellung lagenweiser Packpläne.
  • Optimierung über mehrere Paletten eines Auftrages.
  • Verwaltung von Kunden und Projekten (Aufträgen).
  • Netzwerkfähig.
  • Mehrere Optimierungsarten (exakte Lösung des homogenen Packproblems, heuristische Lösungen).
  • 3D Simulation des Pack-/Palettiervorganges und Darstellung der Palettieranlage
    mit Roboter, Zuführtischen, Paletten und Schutzräumen.


  • Eine Packstücksorte. Sortenrein in einer Lage.
  • Einfache Muster.
  • Sehr schnelle Optimierung in Regel in weniger als einer Sekunde.


  • Eine Packstücksorte. Sortenrein in einer Lage.
  • Komplexe, optimale Muster. Es gibt keine besseren Lösungen !
  • Optimierung benötigt je nach Vorgabe sehr viel Zeit (einstellbar).
  • Falls es keine Lösung in der vorgegebenen Zeit gibt, wird eine Lösung nach Typ 1 berechnet.


  • Mehrere Packstücksorten mit unterschiedlichen Längen und Breiten in einer Lage.
  • Optimierung in der Regel in wenigen Sekunden. Die Zeit ist einstellbar.
  • Größere Zeiten führen zu besseren Ergebnissen.
  • Die Erzeugung dieses Typs ist Bestandteil der Professional Version.

Packmuster Typ1

Packmuster Typ2

Packmuster Typ3

Optimization samples
ErgebnisOptimization typ
1D sample 1 (pdf)Cutting ALU bars
1D sample 2 (pdf)Cutting bars. missing parts due to limited bars.
1D sample 3 (pdf)Cutting 1D
1D sample 4 (pdf)Cutting pipes 1D
2D sample 1 (pdf)Cutting mapple with grain
2D sample 2 (pdf)Cutting MDF panel
2D sample 3 (pdf)Cutting MDF panel
3D-fastWebOpt Pal optimization
3D-exactWebOpt Pal optimization
 start demo  Online demo: any optimization
FAQ - frequently asked questions

1. Where are you located?

Our office is located near Hannover, Germany.

2. Is the software written by yourself ?

Yes. We are able to customize the software in any detail if required.

3. Are there any reselling offices ?

No, we only sell directly via internet or some partner companies, who
integrated our software into their products (OEM). Due to this fact we are able to offer
attractive prices.

4. What is the meaning of S / M /XL version ?

This version comes at a lower price, but with limited functionality, e. g.
WebOpt pal S is limited to 50 parts. See our pricelist for details.

5. How do the versions differ ? Do you have additional functionality or moduls ?

We have several add-ons and modules for WebOpt. Please refer to
our flyer for details or contact us for special demands.

6. Who is using your software ?

Joiners, glasmakers, carpet craftsmen, shipbuilders, metal and PVC industry.

7. I have comments or suggestions.

Please send your suggestions via email (info@kuehn-software.de) or use our web form.

8. I have got a special machine and want to connect it to your software.

Please contact us.

9. I would like to resell your products or integrate them into my product.

Please contact us.

10. I need a special translation.

Please contact us.

11. Do you offer software for Apple Mac, Linux or Android ?

Yes, WebOpt and KuehnOpt runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android.

13. I tried to contact you via phone, but there is only an answer machine ?

Please send us an email or leave a message, we will call you
back as soon as possible.


Instructions/training is taking place in our rooms or optional directly in the rooms of our clients. Please contact us to arrange a date for a meeting.

  • Embedded C / C++ programming.
  • Introduction to Linux (move from Windows).
  • Cross-platform software development (Slickedit IDE).
  • Programming for Linux in C/C++.
  • Programming for QNX in C/C++.
  • Debugging (GDB etc.) and source code analysis.
  • GCC cross-compiling.

Target group: developer and system administrators


We have a lot experience in developing industrial software which exists more than 10 years in general. Appropriate our software is maintained for a long term period. Use our know-how already before project start or rather in early projects phases.

  • Technology consulting. Which technology is meaningful within the given conditions (e. g. Java / C# , C/C++) ? Choosing the configuration management etc..
  • Long term strategy. Consideration of total cost of ownership (TCO). For example, consider maintenance costs.
  • Code analysis, redesign and refactoring. Often a historical grown code can not be maintained without increasing effort. We are analyse the code and showing solutions for redesign and refactoring.
  • Code portierung (e. g. to multi-core). Create concepts and assessment for effort.
  • Code modularization. Often is it meanful to split up the often used code into libraries or rather processes. We show practical solutions.
  • Code improvement, fulfilling requirements, like binary size and speed.
  • Bugfixing. We are accelerating the fault diagnostics and defect correction in your code.
  • Static and dynamic source analysis.

We have more than 30 years experience in developing real world software applications for desktop computers and embedded devices.
Our main emphasis is on stable, easy to use, easy to deploy and fast software. For best performance we use C and C++ programming languages.

Our offer:

  • Consulting.
  • Requirements Analysis.
  • Specification.
  • Coding.
  • Test and simulation.
  • Optimizations: e.g. speed and code size in C/C++ or Assembly.
Embedded Software
  • BIOS and firmware development in C / C++ / Assembler.
  • Using LinuxBios/Coreboot.
  • Ethernet io (HTML-Browser, GSM / GPRS Modems ).
  • Network or bus integration ( TCP/IP, CAN, Ethercat etc.).
  • Consulting/training/developement for tools chain and build environments ( e. g. gcc/g++/gdb ).
  • Consulting/training/developement for open source software and tools.
  • Consulting/training static and dynamic code analysis.
  • Porting your software to any hardware or OS.
Automation | Control
  • Software development for embedded (PC-based) controls (e. g. PLC, CNC or robot controls).
  • Firmware developement in C / C++ / Assembler.
  • Integration for network io ( TCP/IP, field bus ).
  • Consulting/training/developement for tools chain and build environments ( e. g. gcc/g++/gdb ).
  • Consulting/training/developement for open source software and tools.
  • Consulting/training static and dynamic code analysis.
  • Porting your software to any hardware or OS.
  • Algorithm for technical applications, e. g. spline interpolations for drive systems.
  • Compiler and interpreter developement.


  • GNU compiler gcc, g++.
  • Microsoft Visual C++.
  • Borland C++.

Server/Desktop OS

  • Windows.
  • UNIX. Linux.
  • Apple Mac OS X.

Embedded OS

  • QNX, Vxworks, ECOS.
  • Linux realtime (RT_PREEMPT or RTAI).
  • Custom specific OS.
CPUs | Compiler

We are developing software for the following processors
If your processor/CPU/ or board is not listed, please contact us. service


  • GNU compiler gcc, g++ (uclibc/glibc).
  • Microsoft Visual C/C++ (cl).
  • Borland C/C++ Builder (bcc32).
  • Intel Compiler.

CPUs / Boards / SoC

  • x86.
  • ARM Cortex A8/A9/A15 (TI OMAP 4430,OMAP 4460, AM355x, Freescale i.mx6), Pandaboard, Beageboard, beaglebone, Phytec PCM-049, Raspberry Pi.
  • MIPS.
  • PowerPC, PPC (MPC5200 / MPC 8500 / MPC 8xxx).
  • SoC.
  • Multi-Core CPUs.


  • Slickedit.
  • make.
  • jam, bjam.
  • gdb.
  • Software for improving stowage/storage utilization. Embedded into your IT/ERP system environment.
  • space optimization as webservice. Connection to our server.
  • Commissioning / order picking in layers mixed loads .
  • Custom/client specific software development, for example graphic terminals, tablets, PCs or Macs.
operating systems

We are developing software for the following operating systems:
If your system is not listed, please contact us.

Embedded operating systems

  • Linux.
  • Android.
  • Apple IOS (iphone, ipad).
  • Realtime: QNX,VxWorks,ECOS,free RTOS,T-Engine.
  • Custom operating systems.

Desktop and server OS

  • Windows.
  • Linux / Unix (FreeBSD etc.).
  • Apple Mac OS X.
  • SUN Solaris / Opensolaris.

Software is becoming more and more complex. That requires essential larger automated tests. In particular this applies to embedded systems.

  • Consulting.
  • Development of test software.
  • Regressionstests.
  • Continous tests. Periodic turn-on and off. We provide oour own test hardware.
  • Powerfail tests.
  • Test automatisation and scripting.
Service porting software
  • Porting your software to any OS.
  • Porting your software to any compiler / IDE.
  • Porting your software to a realtime system .
  • Porting your software to dual / multi-core (SMP etc.) OS hardware.
  • Porting your software to POSIX.
produktion | manufacturing
  • Custom software for production and process management.
  • Optimization cloud service. Our cutting and palletizing software is also available as cloud service.
  • Remote-Administration.
  • Connection to machines (robot, CNC, PLC).
  • Connection to hosts/ERP.
  • Terminal software.
3D Simulation
  • Simulate your machine / robot in 3D.
  • Parse config data or programs.
  • Simulate positions in realtime.
  • Palettier Simulation
  • Connect to PLC /CNC.
  • Detect collisions.
  • Optimize path (interpolation).
  • request
Services custom optimization
  • We are solving your optimization problem.
  • Connection to your HOST or ERP sytem.
  • Intranet solutions.
  • Connection to any machine or control (CNC/PLC/robot).
Browser | Webservice
  • Performant browserbased solutions in C / C++.
  • Browser integration for your hardware and OS.
  • Cross plaform server solutions.
  • HTML generators.
  • Fast down- and uploads. Compression and proxy solutions.
  • Support for any browser, e. g. Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera and others.

Automotive Software services

  • Firmware in C / C++ / Assembler.
  • Hardware IO programming.
  • Integrate network io ( TCP/IP ).
  • Integrate HTML Browser.
  • location based services
  • Consulting/training/developement for tools chain and build environments ( e. g. gcc/g++/gdb ).
  • Consulting/training/developement for open source software and tools.
  • Consulting/training static and dynamic code analysis.
  • Porting software to any hardware or OS.


  • GNU compiler gcc, g++.
  • Microsoft Visual C++.
  • Borland C++.

Embedded OS

  • QNX.
  • Vxworks.
  • ECOS.
  • Linux.
  • T-Engine.
  • Custom OS.

Screenshots KuehnOpt Android Phone

Panel input

Part input

Opt settings

PDF Solution

Screenshots KuehnOpt Android Tablet

Panel input

Part input

PDF solution bar optimization

PDF solution panel optimization

PDF solution demo

KuehnOpt Apple iOS

Stripe layout

KuehnOpt Mac OS X

Part input view

KuehnOpt Windows 7 + Vista

Main view

KuehnOpt Ubuntu Linux

Main view

Screenshots WebOpt network

WebOpt: preview cutting

WebOpt: preview palletizing

1999Founding of Kuehn-Software in Hannover.
1999First cutting optimization software 'WinCut1' for Windows.
from 1999Start of using Linux as server, beginning of
software development for Linux.
2001Company conversion to AUDAST GbR.
from 2001Cutting optimization 'WinCut2' and palletizing software 'WinPal' for Windows.
from 2002First online cutting optimization software 'WebCut'. Server operating systems are Windows and Linux.
from 2004Further specialization on internet and web technology (browser and server development).
2006Company conversion to AUDAST GmbH & Co. KG.
from 2007Further specialization on embedded Linux.
from 2009Company conversion to Kuehn-Software.
2009First 'WebOpt' Version for Windows/Linux/Mac OS X.
2012Cross platform optimization software for Windows/Linux/Mac OS X
'KuehnOpt' with native GUI.
2013First 'WebOpt' Android Version for tablets.
2016WebOpt V2 for desktop, server and mobile devices (iPad, Android Tablet etc.).
2017WebOpt V2 for Siemens Simatic IOT2000/IOT2040 gateway hardware.
2017KuehnOpt Android V2 with new native user interface
2018KuehnOpt Apple Mac OS X 64 bit version
2019First hardware devices/sets